Trust has two components: character and credibility. Establishing those elements to build your real estate business is critical to success; today, you’ll learn how to master it. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy is joined by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty CEO Kevin Waugaman to discuss his three-step process to win every appointment you schedule.

Step One: How am I going to resonate?

  • Ask great questions, and care about the answers.
  • One of the x-factors of great agents is their ability to empathize with their agents.
  • Know why you do what you do. What made you choose to be in the real estate business, and how can you convey that passion to your potential client?
  • This job is about helping and supporting people as they reach for their real estate goals. Convey a passion for that goal to resonate with your clients.

Step Two: How does my company (and myself) differentiate?

  • What do you do better than anyone else that sets you apart? 
  • Once you know your advantage, apply it specifically to a client’s property. 
  • Point to the specific things that directly show the client how that differentiation matters to them and their property.

Step Three: How can I substantiate?

  • Once you’ve established a difference between you and other agents and companies, show the relevant and tangible evidence to back it up.
  • This could be marketing collateral, testimonials and referrals, and video content on behalf of a buyer or seller.
  • It could also be charts, reports, or statistics that back up a claim you make about your business. If you have a lot of experience, consider plotting a map with pins for every home you’ve sold to show just how much experience you have to bring to the table.

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