In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy shares a meeting from his time at the National ReThink Council. This meeting focuses on great social media tactics and strategies that top real estate professionals use.

Get connected with this episode’s participants:

  • Kyle Oberlin at Canton, Ohio, @kyleoberlin
  • Duncan Foster at Jacksonville, FL, @JaxRunsOnDuncan
  • Sierra Reed from St. Louis, MO, @sierraareed
  • Curtis Mitchell from Scottsdale, AZ, @curtmitchell
  • Andrew Undem from Baltimore, MD, @undem 
  • Molly Slagle from Huston, TX, @mollysoldit
  • Gharib Silivaney from Nashville, TN, @g_nashville
  • Heidi Harris from Raleigh, NC, @homesweetheidi

How can social media best help increase business?

  • Instagram reveals your personality and offers interactive engagement through story posts, bringing potential clients along for your journey.
  • Don’t just focus on your location; add content geared toward other realtors to increase referral engagement.
  • Engagement starts with consistency; continually posting sets a precedent for followers engagement.
  • Using captions is essential, especially in stories. Many people listen to social media without audio, so maintaining captions is essential to keep engagement up.
  • Most people know many realtors. Do something to make them think of you before the others.

Marketing yourself on social media:

  • Consider changing your communication style depending on your platform. For example, Facebook users prefer more details and information, while Instagram users need a hook to stay interested. 
  • If a tactic or style of posting isn’t working, stay consistent in your communication, and success will come. Don’t give up because you have a period of low engagement.
  • What works at some points (like a spray-and-pray approach) might not work in the market today.
  • The platforms change so frequently, study and understand the platforms to know how to present yourself well on the platform.
  • What is your goal with real estate? Determine KPIs and metrics first, then use that information to inform you on which platforms will best help you reach those goals.

All realtors have the power of production:

  • Video content is the most powerful form of content you can make it. And, thanks to smartphones, everyone can make compelling and interesting video content.
  • The Conversion Code by Chris Smith is a great book to learn modern lead generation with social media and online presence.
  • Some realtors produce better with a video producer on-hand, while others prefer creating content themselves. Do whatever works best for you.

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