In today’s content-driven market, every realtor knows they need to produce and create great real estate content to see growth in their business. But how should you start? In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy dives into different strategies and tactics for content creation that you should keep in mind when producing content for your real estate business.

Step #1: Define your ideal client.

  • Know who you’re making content for before you start making it. If you’re unsure who you should target, look at your sales over the past two years. 
  • Are you selling to first-time buyers, luxury buyers, or exclusive sellers? Is there a particular area you focus on? Use your past client demographics to inform your content strategy.

Step #2: What does that client want, and how can your content add value?

  • Your content will look drastically different if it’s for a first-time buyer versus an investment buyer. 
  • Determine what content your ideal client should know, especially if that information is common pitfalls clients have to overcome.

Step #3: How does your ideal client consume content?

  • You can utilize multiple online channels, but only some will be places your ideal audience frequents. 
  • Determine how they consume content, whether that’s through YouTube, social media, blogs, or podcasts.

Step #4: Where does your ideal client spend time?

  • Determine the specifics of where your ideal client spends time online.
  • Do they watch videos on Tik Tok, read blogs online, or listen to podcasts on Spotify? Know the platforms, apps, and websites you should be familiar with.

Step #5: Make sure your video content is visually appealing

  • Good-looking content makes people stop scrolling and pay attention to what you have to say.
  • Clear, concise video will always keep people engaged longer than lower-quality content.

Step #6: Audio quality matters

  • If your audience can’t comprehend what you have to say, they won’t stay engaged.
  • Focus on audio quality, remove background noises, and the trust and relationship your audience feels with you will grow.

Step #7: Consistency is key

  • You need to commit to consistency in your content. 
  • Whether that’s even just a monthly email newsletter or a weekly Tik Tok post, stay engaged with your audience.

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