John Maxwell’s book “The Five Levels of Leadership” and blog post “The Rule of Five” are powerful and influential tools to gain inspiration for lifelong success. In today’s episode of The Real estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy applies this methodology to real estate to explain how we can use just five principles in our real estate careers to make a lasting impact.

Rule #1: Sharpen your ax

  • Study, learn, and understand how to create opportunities that generate results. The better you prepare, the more powerful your swing will be.

Rule #2: Speak to one past client or one person in your SOI

  • Starting with the low-hanging fruit is the best way to get the ball rolling; your past clients already know, like, and trust you.
  • By speaking to one person per day, you’ll maintain relationships that generate referrals and get your day started on the right foot.

Rule #3: Add value to five homeowners personally each day

  • This could be done in several ways – sending unsolicited video CMAs, checking in by circle prospecting, or sending newsletters containing market updates.
  • Focus on adding value to homeowners to get new listings.

Rule #4: Add value to give potential buyers personally every day

  • Check in and offer value and insights to buyers in the market. They’ll be more likely to like and trust you to conduct their transaction when they’re prepared to buy.

Rule #5: Add five people to your database every single day.

  • The more people you can add value to, the more opportunity you have for business.
  • Whether it’s through circle prospecting, open house, or people you meet at your kids’ track meet, create a systematic approach to add value to them.

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