ReThink Council is a gathering of the top agents in the BHHS agents around the nation. In this meeting, the members take a deep dive into multiple aspects of real estate, from generating referrals and social media to other up-and-coming tactics realtors should look to integrate into their businesses.

Responsibility In The Real Estate Space

  • Tracking numbers within the business, whether as an individual or a team, is critical. 
  • Agents are accountable for their own numbers. As independent contractors, they have a responsibility to know their own numbers.
  • Each week, have a team meeting.
  • Use a checklist for yourself to ensure you do all your necessary activities. This way you know how far in advance to call, when to follow up, etc.

Four Disciplines Of Execution Discussed During Meetings

  • Lagging indicators – Things that already happened.
  • Active listings
  • Units pending
  • Pending Volume

Additional Things Discussed During Meetings

  • It’s a great opportunity to celebrate victories and keep agents motivated.
  • They also pick leading indicators to track like open houses, to see if it correlates to better performance.
  • When tracking, use a free or paid data reporting application like Google Data Studio to have a clear and concise way to see where your numbers are at.
  • Reward people who meet their quarterly goals.

Approaching early-stage prospects

  • Using postcards or other mediums to explain the buying process:
  • Sending information explaining the buying process in clear language (with an offer to explain more in a meeting) is a great way to remain top-of-mind for early-stage prospects.
  • Explain how to get pre-approved, provide potential lender’s contact information, and how to find a home, submit an offer, and go through the inspection process.

What best practices are they using to stay connected and build relationships with clients?

  • There is a big difference when someone introduces you to someone as their realtor as opposed to introducing you as their friend. 
  • Take a positive approach to your client events. Don’t bother speaking real estate, just celebrate them. 
  • As a closing gift, offer to throw a housewarming party for them and invite the neighbors.
  • Invite them to bring another 3 couples, and develop a relationship with them. These 3 couples can potentially offer you great opportunities.
  • Get to know them even as you are helping them buy a home. Remember something they enjoy, like a favorite beer and bring this to them when you bring their keys. 
  • Provide them a closing gift that they can cherish, enjoy, and remember you buy.
  • Give your clients gifts when they offer a referral. 

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