Farming is one of the best strategies to ensure a steady supply of clients and contacts. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy shares an open discussion with BHHS Realtor®, Craig Duran, to learn his secret to locating and implementing high-quality farming neighborhoods that drive results.

Why did Craig choose farming?

  • Farming is simply a group of people, united by geography or other demographic, to market to regularly. 
  • Craig began selling real estate in 2003 but soon realized he didn’t know how to generate leads.
  • He didn’t want to cold call expired listings, but he wanted to proactively acquire new business.

Communications sent to farms:

  • Each month, Craig focuses on specific information to share with the target demographic of the farm.
  • The more specific you can get, the more personalized the information will be to the people reading the communication.
  • In your messaging, start with basic statistics explaining why you’re the right person to sell in the area or with that group of people.
  • Bring other relevant information to the people that they might not know.
  • Use a combination of messaging focused on information, activity, tips and practical implementation to keep people engaged and invested in the content you send out.

Farming is more than direct mail:

  • In the old days, direct mail was the best (and only) way for real estate agents to interact with potential clients.
  • Craig creates curated video content specialized for particular audiences to drive engagement and interaction with his materials.
  • Email and social media are great tactics to garner attention to particular farms and broaden distribution to other channels.

Craig’s major takeaway for someone looking to farm? Think about it from a content creation standpoint – you can choose to buy leads, or you can put systems in place to bring leads to you. Farming, when done the right way, is a great way to do the latter. 
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