Leads are the lifeblood of any real estate business. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy dives into seven avenues for realtors to generate leads for a consistently full pipeline.

1. Farming

  • Geographical farming is the most sound and consistent way to generate real estate leads. 
  • To learn more about creating a farm for your real estate business, tune in to our previous podcast episode.

2. Online Leads

  • While they boast only a 2% conversion rate, buying leads is a valuable way to generate massive amounts of potential buyers.
  • Have a systemized plan to maintain consistent communication with any purchased lead to build and nurture the relationship.

3. Referrals

  • Many realtors encounter a plateau where they find it difficult to maintain growth. So why not use your past successes to fuel your future wins?
  • Your sphere of influence is some of your most valuable connections. Add value to them, and they’ll be willing to bring others to you.

4. Expired Listings

  • Build a campaign adding value to expired listings and see which sellers are interested in re-evaluating their current selling strategy.

5. Circle Prospecting

  • Call, knock on doors, and interact with the people living around a home that was recently sold.
  • Check-in and add value – don’t ask for a transaction. 

6. FSBO Listings

  • Most buyers who sell on their own end up using an agent before the transaction closes.
  • Buyers need your professionalism and knowledge now more than ever. Be a resource to help them sell their product, and the clients will come.

7. Agent Referrals

  • Follow agents on social media and post content about your local market to be seen as an expert. 
  • Build connections and relationships with other agents to send referrals, and they’ll return the favor.

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