Top producers work differently than the average agent. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy discusses seven things top producers do that sets them over the top (and that you can do as well.) 

1. Top producers track their numbers.

  • They understand how many conversations they need to generate a transaction, the ROI of their advertising spend, and what tactics and strategies lead to the most new listings.
  • By tracking your numbers, you can determine where your business comes from and how you can build your business with those tactics in mind.

2. Top producers reinvest.

  • Those that see growth are the people who are disciplined with the money they put back into their business.
  • Depending on your goals, know how much money you should allocate toward your real estate efforts to ensure you take the next step.

3. Top producers time block their schedules.

  • Have specific times set aside to interact with past clients and make outbound calls.
  • The more time you dedicate to lead-generating activities, the more successful you’ll be. 
  • It takes discipline to take control of your time. Be specific and designate time for the activities that generate revenue.

4. Top producers study the market.

  • Top producers know what trends affect their community and the real estate market. 
  • Know your community and know how to explain trends and changes to be seen as a leader. 

5. Top producers communicate.

  • To represent their clients as best as possible, top producers are transparent and honest with their clients. 
  • Lean on your network to overcome challenges, and spend time studying how to apply new tactics and strategies to your work to make everyone more successful long term.

6. Top producers hire for their weaknesses.

  • They understand that their job is to serve their clients in the best way possible, often by hiring people to do the jobs they aren’t as good at.

7. Top producers work harder than anyone else.

  • At some point in their careers, top producers have worked harder than everyone else.
  • While it might seem like every top producer operates exclusively from referrals, they didn’t start that way.

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