Life is all about give and take, and real estate agents are no exception. In today’s episode of the Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy explains seven sacrifices every agent must make to find success in their real estate career.

1. Sacrifice Comfort

  • Comfort and growth cannot coexist. Identify what you don’t want to do that you know will assist in your growth and do it.

2. Sacrifice Money

  • Taking your business to the next level might mean delaying personal purchases you want to make.
  • Reinvest in your business to see more success, and take a percentage of your income and automatically put that money into your business for training, support or tools.

3. Sacrifice Time

  • Every top producer, at some point, had to sacrifice their time to get where they are now.
  • Be willing to be the last person in the office or the first one there.

4. Sacrifice Ego

  • Don’t be worried about what other people think of what they might say.
  • Think about what efforts helped you build momentum in your business, and focus on those. Never think you’re “past” strategies that led to your initial success.

5. Sacrifice Passivity

  • Are you waiting on the phone to ring instead of calling people directly?
  • Actively interact with and look for buyers and sellers to help. 

6. Sacrifice Relationships

  • We all have people around us who don’t help or even actively bring us down.
  • Surround yourself with passionate, hardworking people who will encourage and help you to achieve your goals.

7. Sacrifice Limiting Beliefs

  • Do you believe you can have the business of your dreams? 
  • If not, find the people who’ve accomplished it and emulate what they did to move their business forward.

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