What can you do to exceed the expectations of the real estate industry? In today’s episode of the Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy explains seven ways any agent can become above average in their work.

1. Know your market better than anyone else

  • How can you add value to the marketplace if you don’t know the market yourself?
  • Be familiar with home-selling statistics and trends in your area so you can share them with your clients to help them make more informed decisions.

2. Have a clear understanding of your vision and goal

  • Determine who you can add the most value to because they are your ideal clients.

3. Control your schedule

  • Time blocking is essential for success, yet many people don’t do it.
  • Chatting with coworkers, putting out fires, and scrolling on social media are easy. However, the most influential realtors are the ones who designate time to talk to prospects and engage in needle-moving activities.

4. Give above-average service.

  • Set your business apart from other agents by providing service at a higher level.
  • Be the realtor that adds the most value to the marketplace to get the most value back.

5. Add more value through video.

  • Video conveys the nuances and passion that face-to-face interactions create.
  • Making video content is more engaging and effective than written content, which will ultimately help you provide more value once implemented.

6. Find above-average clients.

  • Providing great service attracts great clients. The more you devote yourself to giving value to those you serve, the more likely you attract and retain your ideal clients.

7. Work harder than anyone else.

  • An above-average agent has an above-average work ethic.
  • Determine what you can do to make the most change, get the best results, and become better than you were the day before.

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