Social media is critical to see your business grow. Whether it’s to find clients, deepen relationships, or create new connections with others in the industry, social media is a powerful tool at every realtor’s disposal. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy details seven of the best social media tips for real estate agents to help everyone use the platforms successfully.

Master one platform at a time.

  • Mastering a platform allows you to generate a following, which bleeds into other platforms.
  • Start where you’re comfortable. Whichever platform you think you’ll be best at is often the best channel to use first.

Have a plan and a set of goals.

  • The plan of action is just as important as the execution.
  • Create a content calendar to understand what content you need to create. 
  • Ideate weekly content themes to post similar content on specific days to make it easier and consistent.

Be authentic.

  • Being yourself attracts your ideal client. 
  • Talk about what interests you, whether that’s numbers, humor, or whatever other facets interest you.

Be consistent.

  • Consistency leads to conversions. 
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself. Do what you know you can do, and then push yourself to do a little more.
  • The more people see you, the more they trust you with their real estate business.

Document your journey.

  • Share your journey with your followers. Tap into the interest people have in real estate, and you’ll begin to accumulate people interested in your content.
  • What do you do daily that people find interesting? 

Respond to every single comment.

  • If you’re working on getting engagement, why wouldn’t you respond to that comment?
  • Responding assists the algorithm, creates a connection with someone, and encourages them to comment more. 

Implement the $1.80 principle:

  • Find ten relevant hashtags, and comment on nine different posts within that hashtag.
  • You’ll see content similar to what you want to make, and you’ll begin to create connections with people creating similar content.

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