On today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy talks with Jason Gruner, a luxury home agent from Nashville, about how to generate more luxury listings through video storytelling. 

What does Jason do?

  • Jason has found that every home is unique, especially luxury listings. Jason tells that home’s unique story to the buyers through long-form, agent-on-camera, video. 
  • He films a 10 to 15-minute walk-through of your home and tells the personal stories that make this home special. 

What is the framework of Jason’s videos?

  • There has to be a great hook within the first five seconds and then something to keep them watching till the end of the video. 
  • He tries to imagine he is showing the house to one of his friends. He tells the personal stories of the house and hits the emotional side of things. 

How does Jason distribute the video?

  • They post long-form videos on Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn. They spend the majority of their budget on Youtube because of the ability to easily target active homebuyers. 
  • On Facebook, they focus on people within a specific location who have recently viewed real estate websites.
  • LinkedIn is more expensive than Youtube and Facebook, so Jason focuses on organic traffic. 

What do the results look like?

  • Jason pays 5 to 10 cents per view. He sees it as a no-brainer because the views are so cheap and sellers are going to be expecting this for their homes. 

How does Jason pitch to sellers? 

  • He has a 20-page guide of his specific “Tell Your Story” method.
  • He takes 1% of the list price and spends it on marketing to sell the home. 

How does Jason film short-form videos?

  • They film short-form on an iPhone in vertical format. They pick 15 spots in the house and film a video in each. 
  • A 7 to 59-second video in each spot tells a story, then the CTA is directing people to the full video. 
  • They post the videos on five platforms; Facebook reels, Instagram reels, Tiktok, LinkedIn, and Youtube shorts. 
  • Jason recommends putting good captions on the video because lots of people watch without sound. 

Connect with Jason on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and his website

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