On today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy talks with Heidi Harris about the seven things you can do to make sure that next year is your best year. 

1. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails

  • Unsubscribe from anything that isn’t giving you value so that you can clear your mind and start your day on the right foot. 

2. Create a master sphere of influence list

3. Use Homebot.ai

  • Homebot allows you to take data points and send a detailed report to homeowners with your own personal branding.
  • If you do not have a CRM, this is a great place to start. 

4. Get a coach

5. Invest in Quickbooks 

6. Take a morning walk

  • Take time for yourself and calibrate yourself. Heidi uses her time to listen to audiobooks, most recently she read Traction and highly recommends it. Jimmy recommends I Love It Here by Clint Pulver.

7. Be in front of people

  • If you believe this business is built on relationships, make building relationships your business. 

If you would like to hear more from Heidi, email her at heidi@homesweetheidi.com, and follow her on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and her website

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