Are you wondering how you can give back to your community? On today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy chats with Lynne Kelleher about how to grow your business by giving back to your community. 

How did Lynne get her start at giving back?

  • She has always been a believer in supporting the community that supports you. 
  • Lynne leads a group of women who meet four times a year and donate $100 to a charity nominated by the members of the group. At her first meeting she started with 35 women, she now has 250 women. Lynne donates $100,000 a year and spends 4 hours doing it. 

How exactly do these meetings work?

  • Lynne has an email list and sends out email reminders to her members. They can attend in person or on zoom. 
  • They meet in a country club and start with announcements. Then the three selected members get 5 minutes to talk about their charity and a small question and answer period. 
  • The votes are then cast and tallied, and the members write a check directly to the charity organization. 

How does this help Lynne’s business?

  • Lynne has expanded her center of influence by doing great things for her community. She receives lots of press and people now associate her with her group. 

Episode Resources

  • For more information from Lynne, you can reach out to her by email or phone at or 215.813.6655

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