The real estate market is changing and it’s going to crush certain agents. In this episode you will learn how not to become one of them.

Transactions are down from last year

  • Going into a period of transactions that will take 12 to 18 months longer to close.
  • In 28 years of business, Jimmy has learned how to get past the downturns.

7 Types of Agents 

  • The Uniformed Agent – Do you understand what is happening in your market?
  • The Secret Agent – Does your circle of influence know you are in the real estate business?
  • The Negative Agent – Do you flood social media with negativity? 
  • The Passive Agent – Are you waiting for the business to come to you?
  • The Undisciplined Agent – Does your day get away from you?
  • The Desperate Agent – Can your prospects sense your desperation?
  • The Unfocused Agent – Are you bouncing from niche to niche?

Be a light to others, stay informed, and keep your focus laser sharp. Now is the time to add more value to your business. Be the opposite of the agents that will be crushed in the year to come. What you focus on is what you will get. Focus on growing your business no matter what the market is doing and your business will grow.

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