If you do these seven daily activities, you will set your business on fire! Be consistent each and every day and your efforts will be compounded.

Counting from 7 to 1 – they are the following:

7. Seven conversations with seven homeowners each and every day.

6. Speak with six prospective buyers. Share information about properties, get them in touch with a lender.

5. Check-in with five of your past clients or people that are in your sphere of influence.

4. Send four hand-written notes to agents in potential feeder markets.

3. Either show or preview three different homes each and every day.

2. Send a text, email or video walkthrough of homes that you have previewed to two potential buyers each day. This lets your buyer know that you are working for them and going the extra mile.

1. Send an unsolicited video CMA to a homeowner each day. Provide value – illustrate that you are their real estate expert on what their home could be worth should they decide to list.

By applying these seven daily habits rigorously and consistently, you will see your business build and be profitable next year and beyond.

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