The lifeblood of real estate businesses is generating leads. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Podcast, Jimmy goes over 23 methods he KNOWS will generate leads for your business.

The 23 Different Methods

  • Social Media “Little Help” Posts

Social media is one of the MOST potent tools you can use as a business owner, real estate or not. The idea is you make a post on social media asking for help in finding listings. This gets people talking and generates leads for you.

  • Open Houses

It’s repeated over and over, but it’s repeated for a reason. Open houses are the MOST EFFECTIVE way to meet potential buyers and sellers. Host some open houses and you’ll come face to face with people looking to buy and sell listings. Instant leads!

  • Buy Lunch, Not Leads

This doesn’t necessarily mean LITERALLY buying lunch for a client, but try and DEEPEN your relationship with existing clients. Whether it’s an actual lunch or something simple like a gift, do something to keep yourself in the mind of existing clients. Not only does this mean you’re more likely to do MORE business with them, but you’re also more likely to get new leads.

  • Hosting A First-Time Homebuyer Seminar

Similar to hosting open houses, this is another FANTASTIC way of meeting new leads in person. Hosting an event like this gets people actively looking to BUY homes for you. You can then do some discovery and figure out what exactly they’re looking to buy or sell and then act on your new customer!

  • Geographical Farming

Having a particular area where you are actively KNOWN as the ideal real estate agent is foundational to generating leads. After all, when buyers and sellers trust you, they’re likely to come to you for business and refer you to others. Spend time adding value to a particular area to build up that trustable reputation.

  • Farming For Referrals

Just like geographical farming, farming for referrals is a great way to generate leads for your business. Reach out to people who can give you those referrals and have them send people your way.

  • Optimizing or Starting Your Google My Business Page

Whenever someone is considering consulting you to buy or sell, they’re likely to google your business. By OPTIMIZING or establishing that presence online, you ensure there’s information freely available to you and get people interested in working with you.

  • Unsolicited Video CMAs

An unsolicited video CMA is just a video you send out that lets clients know the value of their houses. This is another way to generate leads and give potential leads information on you and your business. Think of it like cold emailing.

  • Circle Prospecting

Circle prospecting is an older method, but one that’s time-tested. By calling up people near recent buys or sells, you get information on a particular area AND also stay on top of potential buyers’ minds.

  • Using Buyers As Bait

When you’re working with a client that’s looking for something specific, put in EXTRA effort when working with them. This does a few things: It might expose new leads to work with AND helps build rapport and potential future referrals for you.

  • Host Housewarming Parties

Similar to the “buy lunch, not leads” method, this is another way to generate leads for your business. When you go that extra mile for someone you just finished a deal with, not only does it make it more likely THEY’LL do business with you in the future, but it also increases the odds of them REFERRING you to other clients.

  • Host Going Away Parties

This is the EXACT same idea as housewarming parties but held for people LEAVING instead of moving in. Not only does it build rapport, but it also lets you see people interested in buying or selling properties in the area.

  • Expired Listings

Consistency is key with this one. Create a newsletter or some packet of information and send it out. Expired listings are WANTING to sell, but the client didn’t have the right agent. That’s where you come in.

  • Post Listings In Facebook Groups

Just like social media help posts, posting listings in Facebook groups is another way to generate leads. By posting ABOUT listings, you’ll remain on top of people’s minds. Clients may tag their friends on your posts or reach out to you directly.

  • Referral-Based Lead Generation Companies

There are PLENTY of companies out there that gather clients together and then, once they’re ready to buy or sell, connect them with agents like you. Utilizing one of these companies equates to GUARANTEED leads.

  • Call For Rent By Owners

For Rent By Owners is a website that gathers up different listings available for rent. If you contact them, you can gather data about people looking to rent or rent out their properties. You can then CONTACT these leads directly and begin a business.

  • Contact Airbnb Hosts

Just like For Rent By Owners, AirBNB is another FANTASTIC source of people looking to buy or sell properties. Simply contact some hosts and talk to them. This lets you gather data about potential future leads.

  • Door Knocking

Although you shouldn’t just go door to door and ask if people are wanting to sell, by going around and talking to people or offering the information you do a few things: You make sure you’re on clients’ minds and you can gather data. You can also get the names of people who are actively looking for an agent.

  • For Sale By Owners

Just like For Rent By Owners, For Sale By Owners is another GREAT database. Contact owners and get information. Ask if they’re wanting to sell or if they know anyone who does.

  • Join A Leads Group

Joining a leads group is another INCREDIBLE way to generate leads. This is a group that meets up, either weekly or monthly, and discusses different leads. Joining this group will ensure you’re up to date on leads in your area.

  • Zillow

Although Zillow does get some hate, it’s a great resource for agents. If you can CONSISTENTLY close deals, you’ll get better and better leads.

  • is another website that offers leads to agents. Make sure you can EFFECTIVELY close deals on the site to ensure you get consistent, quality leads.
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