You got your listing, but how are you going to make that one listing turn into multiple transactions? In today’s episode of The Real Estate Podcast, Jimmy goes over 23 different ways you can generate multiple transactions from single listings.

  1. Teaser videos for upcoming listings
  • Don’t reveal the ENTIRE property, but go over an overview of the upcoming listing. Provide information like the address as well as how many baths and beds. Tell people to contact you if they’re interested in the property.
  1. Circle prospect the neighborhood
  • Go around the neighborhood and inform people of the upcoming listing. This helps you add value to that particular area and build rapport with potential future buyers and sellers.
  1. Door knocking the neighbors
  • Instead of calling neighbors and telling them about a new listing, go to them in person. It helps you build an even better relationship with potential buyers and sellers and is an IMMENSE way to add value.
  1. Send teaser videos to your database
  • After you record the teaser video on an upcoming listing, send that teaser video through your database. This gets the video out to multiple eyes and puts you and your listing at the top of several different people’s heads.
  1. Call people in your database
  • If you know clients within your database are going to be buying or selling within the next year, or would specifically be interested in an upcoming listing, call and let them know.
  1. Make a social media post
  • Once the listing is actually up, make a post on social media announcing the listing. This gets people thinking about the listing and puts you, again, at the top of their heads.
  1. Send a just listed postcard
  • Sending out just listed postcards does two things: Helps agents find potential buyers but more importantly it also BUILDS VALUE with those same potential buyers. Building value is, of course, key.
  1. Host an open house
  • Hosting an open house lets you meet with a large number of potential buyers and sellers. You can gather the information of people who come to the open house and add them to your database.
  1. Door knocking
  • We’ve already covered door knocking, but after a listing is up, do some more door knocking. Let them know the property is on the market and ask them to send leads your way.
  1. Circle prospecting
  • We also already talked about circle prospecting before listings went up, but circle prospecting after a listing is posted is another way to generate more transactions. This builds value and rapport and puts you on people’s minds.
  1. Behind the scenes content at the open house
  • Buyers and sellers WANT to see what’s going on with listings. By providing them with this information on what happens at open houses, you deliver content that they specifically want.
  1.  Short form video about listings
  • Create a 15-30 second video, around the length of a TikTok, and provide a very brief overview of the listing. Make sure to tag your location as well.
  1. Unboxing of the listing
  • Jimmy saw a video from Brad McCallum where he “unboxed” his listing. Essentially, McCallum opened up a box, pointed the camera inside of the box, and inside of the box was his main video about the listing.
  1. Post on a Facebook group
  • Look for a Facebook group about listings in your local area, and post listings. This not only helps you connect with people in your local area, but it also builds up your reputation as THE real estate agent in that area.
  1. Have an attention grabbing sign
  • Use take one signs or have signs with a QR code that sends people to videos about listings or your latest listing.
  1. Instagram story
  • This is similar to using short form videos. Post a video on your Instagram story about a new listing and put a LINK into the story that directs people to information about your newest listing.
  1. Short form videos about listing amenities
  • Do a short video, around 15 seconds, DAILY FOR A WEEK, on different amenities that the listing has.
  1. Native full form videos
  • Instead of sending potential leads to another platform like YouTube, create a full form video about a listing. Post that video on a single platform and showcase different clients’ houses.
  1. Create a graphic saying the listing is now under contract
  • After you’ve found someone to buy the property, make a post on social media, telling everyone that the house is under contract or in escrow. Congratulate the new owners, don’t brag, to help build rapport and add value to that community.
  1. Host a going away party for the new owners
  • After the owners have bought a new property, host a going away party for them. This builds value with those clients, but also gives you the opportunity to meet NEW leads as people come to the party.
  1. Send a pending card
  • After a listing has been sold, send a PENDING card. Let all of the recipients know that, although that particular listing is sold, there may be other listings that these new leads can purchase.
  1. Send a just sold card
  • Just sold cards are a FANTASTIC way to show your value to new leads. By sending out just sold cards, you show the recipients that you were able to provide their neighbor with EXACTLY what they wanted, and that you could do the same for them.
  1. Get testimonials from the buyer
  • After you’ve finally made the sale, get testimonials from that client. Use these testimonials to then show your value to future clients.

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