Wonder if there are still any opportunities in real estate. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Podcast, Jimmy has an interview with Noah Escobar, who in his first full year of real estate, made $16 and a half MILLION dollars.

How Escobar Got Into Real Estate

  • Escobar first started in real estate when he turned 19. He did video production for a church before Jimmy reached out to him for a video. From there, Escobar began to learn more about real estate.
  • After two years of working with Jimmy and learning about real estate, Escobar got into the market. It started when we began generating leads and talking to people he had met from video editing.

Generating Business on His Own

  • Although Escobar focused on adding value to people he already knew, the BULK of his business actually came from things like cold calls and networking. He would attend different events and introduce himself to new agents, and regularly did cold calls.
  • Something unique that Escobar did, just like Jimmy, was actually call LANDOWNERS to talk about building real estate. Since Escobar started so young, he aimed to do things other realtors were NOT doing. If something was too easy, he left it to someone else.
  • One of Escobar’s most memorable moments was when he called a broker. After getting sent to voicemail, he called another number. The broker picked up and begin to actually cuss Escobar out. After explaining his situation, the broker understood and helped Escobar begin developing real estate.

Escobar’s Fundamentals For Business

  • Throughout his first year, Escobar focused on the fundamentals of real estate. Specifically, adding value to clients and focusing on lead generation. Of course, he was naturally fearful, but Escobar understood what he wanted was BEYOND that fear.
  • After selling his first lot via the broker, he once again did circle prospecting, to turn that singular transaction into multiple transactions. That first deal actually turned into 4 separate deals. After each transaction, once again, Escobar would circle prospect.
  • The biggest mistake that Escobar believes he made, actually, was STOPPING the circle prospecting. After he stopped making those calls, he stopped generating leads. He had the 4 deals, sure, but nothing beyond that.

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