ChatGPT is absolutely a game-changer for real estate agents. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Podcast, our host Jimmy goes over 23 different ways that realtors can use ChatGPT to help their business.

  1. Ideas for Instagram posts
  • Social media is an invaluable tool for realtors, however, most of the time they don’t know what to post. Simply get some ideas for social media posts from ChatGPT!
  1. Ideas for Facebook posts
  • Just like Instagram, ChatGPT can also help you produce different posts for Facebook. Simply ask for a certain number of real estate posts for your city.
  1. Ideas for TikTok content
  • A unique feature that ChatGPT has is it understands the differences between content for different social media platforms. The ideas for Instagram content will be different from the Facebook posts, which will both be different from TikTok.
  1. Ideas for LinkedIn posts
  • Since LinkedIn is more post-heavy, after you see an idea you like, you can have ChatGPT create that post which you can then upload to LinkedIn.
  1. Ideas for video content
  • This is a bit broader and can cover different video formats. For example, you could get ideas for YouTube videos or ideas for Instagram reels.
  1. Ideas for blog posts
  • This is also broader than social media posts. Ask ChatGPT for blog post ideas in your particular city. If you like a certain idea, you can then have ChatGPT also produce a blog post.
  1. Listing descriptions
  • ChatGPT can write a listing description with certain features that you want to be promoted.
  1. Rewrite a listing description
  • If your listing description is looking a bit stale, ask ChatGPT to rewrite it. It can be rewritten to be shorter, funnier, more professional, etc.
  1. Write a Facebook post on a listing
  • After you’ve created a listing description, you can ask ChatGPT to produce a Facebook post on it. It will satisfy the Facebook algorithm and help reach a wide audience.
  1. Write an Instagram post on a listing
  • Just like Facebook, ChatGPT can also create an Instagram post about a particular listing that will hit all the requirements for a good Instagram post.
  1. Write a TikTok script on a listing
  • ChatGPT can write a script for a TikTok short that is designed PERFECTLY for TikTok and its audience.
  1. Write an email on a listing
  • Give ChatGPT some details on your listing or a description, and it can write a great email with a call to action that will promote the listing.
  1. Write a video script on a listing
  • Ask Chat GPT to create a video script on a listing and then record a video. If necessary, you can have the script rewritten to be shorter or more professional.
  1. Write creative ways to promote a listing
  • After you’ve posted about a listing, ChatGPT can suggest creative ways to promote it. ChatGPT could then write the copy for those promotions.
  1. Write creative ways to promote an open house
  • Provide ChatGPT with some details on a particular listing and ask it to write something that gets people interested in an open house. Again, it can then be tweaked as desired.
  1. Reasons why people love living in your city
  • When people are looking to move into a particular area, if they see a video on some positives about the city, they’re far more likely to engage with the video.
  1. Shorten a script into an Instagram reel
  • After you’ve created a long script, ChatGPT can then shorten it into a form more appropriate for something like an Instagram reel.
  1. Write some content on why now is a great time to buy
  • ChatGPT can be used to create blog posts as well as scripts. Ask it to write something explaining why now is a good time to buy real estate.
  1. Write some content on places to visit in your city
  • Ask ChatGPT to create a script or blog post on something like popular restaurants in your city. This adds value to your clients and the area you service.
  1. Write some content on current interest rates
  • This is especially relevant to the current real estate market. By providing information like this, you’ll be seen as a valuable real estate resource.
  1. Write some content on what homeowners should do if their listing expires
  • With the current market, expired real estate listings are becoming more and more common. ChatGPT can write some content explaining why listings expire or what to do after an expiration, which adds value to the community and to those clients.
  1. Ideas for showing appreciation to past clients
  • ChatGPT can also create some unique and fun ways to show appreciation, and add value, to past clients.
  1. Ideas for marketing myself
  • ChatGPT can give you some unique and effective ways to not only add value to clients but also to help promote yourself and your real estate business.

Do you have a video or content idea perfect for your business? Share it with Jimmy! Connect with Jimmy Burgess on LinkedIn and Facebook, and his YouTube channel.  If you like what you heard today, we’d love it if you’d share a rating or review and then subscribe to the podcast and tell others about it. You can find The Real Estate Sales Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, and our website, The Real Estate Sales Podcast.


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