True success comes from surrounding yourself with the best people possible. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast, our host Jimmy goes over 11 different people that all realtors should surround themselves with to reach true success.

  1. A coach or mentor
  • Having a coach or mentor lets you get an outside perspective on your business. Perhaps they notice something that you miss or have some valuable insight. Either way, invest in a good teacher.
  1. Someone you’re pouring into
  • It may seem counterintuitive to help out other agents or invest resources into someone, but investing in another agent or person provides insight. It can also lead to a future return on that investment.
  1. Support Staff
  • Every realtor that builds a genuine business has people involved. By hiring others to take care of tasks, you can spend more time focusing on things like growth or adding value to clients.
  1. A trusted lender
  • Having a go-to lender allows you to know your client is in good hands. It also allows you to provide the level of service you want to your clients.
  1. A trusted inspector
  • Just like a trusted lender, having a trusted inspector allows you to know your clients are being properly cared for. It also lets you provide a consistently high-quality service.
  1. A dependable handyman
  • When a buyer gets a new home, they may need repair work done or something done to properly settle in. By having a reliable handyman, you can provide whatever your client needs.
  1. An accountability partner
  • Having someone to hold you accountable is a huge boost for your business. Whoever your partner is can make sure you’re following through on your words and actions to help boost your business.
  1. A professional accountant
  • If you have an accountant who you fully trust, you can focus on growing your business instead of things like taxes. Just like support staff, if you’re able to delegate tasks to someone else, do it.
  1. A trusted title company/closing attorney
  • Transactions are the most volatile during closing. By having a trusted attorney or title company, you can prevent issues and ensure the closing process goes smoothly.
  1.  A friend to share with
  • Having someone you can share your success stories with is hugely important. It’s also important to be able to have someone you can talk to when you’re struggling with your business.
  1. An agent to lean on/pass things onto
  • When you’re on vacation or out of town, it’s important to have someone who can handle things while you’re gone. Whether it be a team member or someone you trust, have someone to pass things onto.

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