Growing your influence is key to building your business in the long term. In this episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast, Jimmy Burgess gives you seven tips on how you can become known as a trusted resource and valued member of your community.

  1. Build an Email List
  • Start with a strong foundation of people who like and trust you. Add people consistently – on a weekly basis if possible! 
  1. Create Searchable Content For Your Area
  • What are people going to search for before they move to your area? Answer their questions in written or video form.
  1. Use Location Tags and Hashtags on All Social Media Posts
  • Using location tags may help you show up in the feeds of people in that area, driving new traffic to your posts. 
  • Relevant, location-based hashtags make your content easy for potential clients to find.
  1. Interview Local Businesses and Leaders In the Community
  • Provide value to local community members by promoting small businesses, events, and leaders.
  1. Geographically Farm a Local Neighborhood
  • Where do you LOVE to sell? Dive in and become an expert there. Show up consistently in that area and your SOI will grow.
  1. Leverage Your Testimonials
  • Show prospects how much value you have provided to past clients by asking for testimonials. Don’t be afraid to ask for them!
  1. Get Involved!
  • Offering up your time as a volunteer can help you build relationships with folks who will see your commitment to service and supporting their community.

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