In this episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast, our host Jimmy Burgess gives you 40 back-to-back quick tips for generating leads. Whether you’re struggling to find prospects or you’ve already got a few tools in your toolbox, listen in to hear how you can build up your contact list even more and add to the top of your funnel.

  1. “Little Help” Posts
  • Post on social media to ask friends, family, and even past clients if they know of anyone who is looking to buy or sell.
  1. Meet Up With Past Clients for Coffee
  • You don’t have to ask them to help you out – eventually, they’ll ask you how business is going! The referrals will come your way if you focus on deepening those relationships.
  1. Host an Open House
  • While you may meet some buyers interested in the property, you might also meet people who are just casually interested but may be looking to buy soon.
  1. Expired Listings
  • Listings can expire for many reasons – the seller may just need to find the right agent!
  1. 6 to 18-Months Old Expired Listings
  • They may still be interested in selling, and you’ll face less competition.
  1. Host a First-Time Home Buyer Seminar
  • Offer them value! In our current market, many buyers are first-timers. Let them come to you.
  1. Develop a Free “Buyer’s Guide for Newly Engaged Couples”
  • Newlyweds and engaged couples are already thinking about settling down and planting roots. They’re likely to be interested in buying for the first time.
  1. Optimize Your “Google My Business” Page
  • Buyers looking for an agent are going to search on Google. SEO optimization ensures that you show up first.
  1. Host a Going Away Party For Your Seller
  • While you’re there, you’re the hero for helping them make their amazing life change, and they are sure to have friends who are interested.
  1. Host a Housewarming Party For Your Buyer
  • This gives you and your buyers an opportunity to meet people in the neighborhood and deepens your relationship with your buyer.
  1. Join a Lead-Sharing Group
  • The price of admission for these groups is to have someone to refer to someone else in the group.
  1. Call FSBOs
  • FSBO (For Sale By Owner) properties shouldn’t slip by you! Come prepared with information on how you can help sellers – they need us now more than ever.
  1. Get Free Leads: Veteran’s United Realty
  • This is a vendor for qualified leads. The referrals you’ll get are ready to buy and are pre-approved for their loans.
  1. Get Free Leads: OpCity (If Your Broker Is a Member)
  • Opcity is run by, where leads are nurtured until they are ready to purchase. Get access to leads at no cost to you.
  1. Get Free Leads: HomeLight
  • HomeLight has no upfront costs, but there are some minimum requirements to join so make sure you do your research.
  1. Get Free Leads: OJO
  • OJO also doesn’t have upfront costs, but it requires 3 years minimum experience before you can join.
  1. Get Free Leads: Estately
  • Like OJO, Estately requires 3 years of experience. They offer both listing and buyer leads.
  1. Get Free Leads: RedFin Referral Network
  • RedFin Referral Network allows you to take advantage of situations where RedFin has more leads than they can respond to.
  1. Get Free Leads: RocketHomes
  • This is an offshoot of RocketMortgage. These leads are also qualified and ready to buy.
  1. Get Free Leads: UpNest
  • These leads are on the listing side, so UpNest asks a little more from you. Be prepared to submit a video to leads.
  1. Get Free Leads: Agent Pronto
  • There are no minimum requirements for experience for agents, so if you’re newer to the game, this is a great option.
  1. Get Free Leads: Fast Expert
  • This is only for agents who are in the Top 5 in your local network, so if you’re bringing your A-game, you can leverage that into more leads.
  1. Buy Leads:
  • will help you find leads that are further down the funnel.
  1. Buy Leads:
  • You’re only going to find leads here if they’re already looking to speak to an agent. Your leads are only as strong as your follow-up!
  1. Geographical Farming
  • This is a foundational skill in lead-generating. If you find a region that works for you and stay educated and present there, you’ll be sure to get some leads.
  1. Ask for referrals
  • Talk to everyone you know and encourage them to keep you in mind if they hear of someone looking to buy or sell.
  1. Post a Listing or Property in a Local Facebook Buy/Sell Group
  • There are often tens of thousands of people in these groups, and people who see your listings will often tag friends and family in your comments section. Private message the people tagged to see if they’re interested in working with you.
  1. Circle Prospecting With a New Listing
  • Call neighbors in an area where a new listing just went on the market to see if they know anyone who is looking to move into the area.
  1. Circle Prospecting With Recently Sold Homes
  • Let homeowners know about a nearby sale and help them understand how this affects their home’s value. 
  1. Use Buyers as Bait
  • If you have a buyer that has their sights set on a particular home size and area, call homeowners in that area to see if they have a neighbor looking to sell.
  1. Probate Listings
  • In situations where a homeowner passes away and hasn’t named an executor, the court names one and this executor is charged with liquidating assets. Check your county clerk’s office for contact info, and offer free quotes as a service.
  1. Go Live on Social Media – Virtual Open Houses
  • Hosting open houses online can give curious people a chance to see what’s out there. This may generate interest in seeing the house in person and, if you have your live on social media, it will remain available for anyone who wants to see it.
  1. Call Buyers From 2019
  • These homeowners have accrued a lot of equity in a short period of time, and they may not even know it! 
  1. Call AirBNB Owners
  • These folks are usually investors. They are not sentimental about the homes they own and are oriented towards growth and change. Their contact info is often listed on AirBNB!
  1. Help Agents That Have Left the Business
  • Difficult economic times come and go, and so do agents. If an agent is looking to leave the business, they may have clients that still need help. Offer to pay a referral fee.
  1. Targeting Folks in Feeder Markets
  • Talk to agents in feeder markets to the market that you serve. When you’re willing to pay more than the typical referral fee, you’re sure to catch their attention.
  1. Help Overwhelmed Agents
  • Agents that are top producers often have more leads than they can handle. Show up for these folks and they will show up for you.
  1. Call Renters
  • Get access to lists of renters’ names and contact information in your area. Give them information about the merits of homeownership.
  1. Produce Video Content
  • Producing short and long-form videos about your local area position you as a resource and expert.
  1. Unsolicited Video CMAs
  • Record your screen to show people the value of their home, even if they haven’t asked!

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