In this episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast, our host Jimmy Burgess sits down with his team’s marketing director, Karina Caraballo. They discuss the tools they’ve been testing and having success with so that you don’t have to try to keep up with all of the changing technology. If these tools aren’t in your toolbox yet, it’s time to upgrade your marketing strategies!

  1. ChatGPT
  • Use ChatGPT to create SEO-optimized hashtags, captions, and bios on social media. 
  1. Captions
  • This app will create captions for your short-form videos. It gives you tons of options so you can be creative and even offers eye-contact adjustment!
  1. BoxBrownie
  • Stop people from scrolling past your posts with beautifully edited images. This app offers virtual staging and decluttering.
  1. Pivo
  • This device sits atop a tripod and makes videos using facial and body tracking. Use it to make professional-looking virtual walkthroughs on your own.
  1. VideoAI
  • If you’re doing video marketing, this tool is a must. Use this to split your long-form content into shorter-form videos. It will do the hard work for you!
  1. Instagram Reels
  • Do all of your editing in the app – Instagram will suggest trending music and effects you can add to your videos (don’t forget to add an optimized description)!
  1. Insights and Analytics
  • Pay attention to which of your posts are doing well with your target audience. Once you know what works, you can use ChatGPT to help you come up with more ideas for content.

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