Are you looking for different ways to generate revenue within the real estate industry?

One of the best ways to do this is by building agent-to-agent referrals. Your host, Jimmy Burgess, will share essential tips on generating revenue by utilizing agent referrals. In this episode of the TRES podcast, learn the five secret tips for building an agent-to-agent referral machine.

Use Social Media to Build Relationships

  • Don’t create a social media account only to use it for scrolling through when you’re bored. Instead, take the time to develop authentic relationships with other agents.
  • Search other agents within your area and see what type of content they create. Then, take the time to comment on their posts or send them messages saying you enjoy their content.
  • Also, create content that adds value to your audience and other agents.

Send Out I Love Paying Referral Fees to Feeder Markets

  • Jimmy shares a story of a friend who took the time to write handwritten notes to other agents within her feeder market.
  • Within the cards, she offered to pay a 25% referral fee. This little trick did wonders for her and can do wonders for you too!

Follow Up With Phone Calls

  • If you’re ever in a specific feeder market, take the time to reach out to agents within the area.
  • Tell them, “Hey, I’m in the city and wonder how your business is going.” Then at the end of the conversation, remind them you offer a 30% referral fee.
  • Not only does it allow you to contact another agent initially, but it also allows you to build a relationship with them.
  • The key is to add value, so they’ll always think kindly of you.

Farm Agents the Same Way You Farm Geographical Areas

  • Build a database of agents’ email addresses within the feeder markets you want to target.
  • Use the database to send a postcard or other content that adds value to their market.
  • This will allow you to build relationships with the agents within these market areas.
  • You can use CRM, MailChimp, or Constant Constant to help you build an agent database.

Attend Conferences

  • Attend different conferences in a state where there’s a feeder market coming to the convention.
  • Take the time to chat with different agents to build trust and relationships with them.
  • Remember to get their email, so you can add them to your database and reconnect with them later.

Now is the time to start building your agent-to-agent referral system. Everyone wants to generate revenue within this industry, so start now and stop wasting time!

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