You’re trying everything in your power to sell more homes. But nothing is working, and you’re ready to quit the real estate business for good.

Don’t quit just yet! Instead, listen to this episode of “The Real Estate Sales Podcast.” In this episode, real estate coach and host Jimmy Burgess provides actionable steps to help you regain momentum in your sales. 

Jimmy emphasizes the importance of evaluating one’s current position and being open to implementing new strategies to achieve better results. Listen to these insightful tips to inspire action and drive improvement in real estate sales.

Picking Up The Phone

  • Jimmy discusses the importance of making proactive calls in real estate sales. 
  • He introduces the “Chevy” acronym to help identify potential individuals to call, emphasizing the significance of targeting clear opportunities, past clients, event areas, vocal supporters, and individuals in the agent’s database. 
  • By providing specific examples and strategies, Jimmy encourages real estate professionals to initiate meaningful conversations with potential clients to generate business and referrals.

Focus on People Who Need to Take Action

  • Jimmy stresses the significance of identifying and focusing on individuals needing to engage in real estate transactions, such as those experiencing life events like marriage, divorce, or relocation. 
  • He provides insights into targeting specific groups of individuals, such as estate attorneys, individuals undergoing life changes, or those relocating for work, to build relationships and provide valuable support during pivotal moments.

Engaging with Out-of-Town Owners

  • Jimmy highlights the potential of engaging with out-of-town property owners, such as investors or second homeowners. 
  • Real estate professionals can initiate conversations with these owners to explore opportunities for additional investments, property valuations, and potential listings. 
  • He emphasizes the importance of providing value and building relationships with out-of-town owners to facilitate future real estate transactions.

Leveraging Agents Leaving the Business

  • Jimmy emphasizes the potential opportunities presented by agents leaving the real estate business. 
  • He suggests reaching out to departing agents to offer support and explore possibilities for referrals. 
  • By positioning oneself as a trustworthy resource for clients of leaving agents, real estate professionals can expand their network and gain access to potential leads and referrals.

Getting Active in the Community

  • Jimmy emphasizes the benefits of getting involved in the local community to expand one’s real estate network. 
  • Whether through participating in open houses, engaging with local organizations, or volunteering, becoming an active presence in the community can lead to building valuable connections and uncovering potential business opportunities.

There’s an abundance of opportunities in the real estate market. The best way to receive these opportunities is by taking proactive action as an agent. 

Real estate professionals can regain momentum and achieve improved results by implementing the strategies Jimmy shares in this episode. Tune in to hear a valuable guide to invigorate your real estate business and achieve greater success.

“Opportunity is all around us. And when you take that action, you follow these steps. I promise you’re going to get some results.” – Jimmy Burgess

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