You must have a plan to succeed in your real estate business. Going into it blindly will set you up for failure; of course, this is something you want to avoid.

Listen to this episode of “The Real Estate Sales Podcast” to help you develop a strategic plan of action to thrive in the changing market. Host Jimmy Burgess emphasizes that the best in the is yet to come and provides a comprehensive approach to ensure continued success and growth. 

Let’s dive into the key points and actionable steps outlined by Jimmy.

Believe in Possibilities

  • Jimmy stresses the importance of belief in one’s potential and the possibilities for success in the real estate business. 
  • He encourages realtors to observe others who have achieved greater success, acknowledging that belief influences actions, prompting individuals to pursue uncomfortable tasks confidently in future results.

Educate for Success

  • Jimmy highlights education as a crucial component of success. 
  • He prompts real estate professionals to enhance their skills, knowledge, and understanding of the market to align with their beliefs and improve the chances of achieving desired outcomes.

Take Action

  • Taking action is vital, and Jimmy advises against waiting for the perfect moment. 
  • He encourages realtors to take steps, expressing that momentum builds as actions are initiated.

Control Your Schedule

  • Jimmy underlines the significance of purposeful scheduling, outlining the value of time-blocking for prospecting, learning, and client follow-ups. 
  • Taking control of one’s schedule is foundational to advancing a real estate business.

Identify and Serve Ideal Clients

  • Understanding and identifying ideal clients is critical in providing valuable services.
  • Jimmy emphasizes the importance of studying ideal clients, learning about their preferences, and seeking to add value to their lives.

Differentiate with Unique Value Proposition

  • Real estate professionals must define their unique value proposition to set themselves apart from the competition. 
  • Jimmy explains the significance of differentiating oneself as the obvious choice for potential clients.

Total Immersion in Client’s World

  • Real estate professionals are encouraged to immerse themselves in their ideal client’s world, participating in activities and clubs where their clients are present. 
  • This strategy facilitates building strong connections and understanding client needs, thus enhancing the ability to provide specific and valuable services.

Try and Host Open Houses

  • Jimmy advocates for trying various business activities and actively hosting open houses.
  • He highlights that open houses engage potential buyers and sellers and provide insights and opportunities for building a client database.

Create Systems for Follow-up

  • Establishing a robust follow-up system to ensure no leads fall through the cracks is essential in converting potential leads into successful business transactions. 
  • Jimmy emphasizes the need for consistent follow-up through various communication channels.

Overcome Setbacks

  • Dealing with setbacks is part of the real estate business, and Jimmy advises facing challenges head-on, maintaining a forward-moving mindset, and consistently adding value to the market.

Make Calls and Commit to Consistent Effort

  • Create a habit of making real estate-related calls. 
  • Jimmy highlights the direct correlation between these conversations and business transactions.

Immerse in Business for 90 Days

  • Jimmy suggests dedicating 90 days to going all-in on one’s real estate business, focusing on outbound calls, client understanding, and content production.

Jimmy’s strategic plan provides a roadmap for realtors to thrive in the current market and surpass previous levels of success, ensuring the best is indeed yet to come. Embrace a higher level of action, continuously improve your skills, and take steps to enhance client service. These actions will help you see the results you want in your business.

“The people that overcome anything that this business throws at them, that keep moving forward, that keep adding value, that keep finding ways to bring value to the marketplace, are going to be the people that will have a future that is brighter than their past.” – Jimmy Burgess.

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