Are you a real estate agent looking to revolutionize your business in today’s digital world? 

With Chat GPT, the possibilities are endless. Imagine having the power to generate leads, craft compelling property descriptions, and even optimize your social media presence—all at your fingertips. 

Today, Jimmy Burgess dives into the top ten Chat GPT prompts designed to elevate your real estate game. Tune in and explore how to efficiently leverage AI to supercharge your real estate business and leave your competition in the dust.

Prompt 1: Generating Listing Leads

  • “Act as an expert real estate agent business coach. I’m a real estate agent who would like to generate two monthly listings in 2024. Provide me with 20 strategies to help me generate the seller leads needed to take the two listings per month I have set as my goal.”
  • Jimmy shares that providing a foundation such as roles, specific goals, and expectations allows you to receive better results from Chat GPT. So, be sure to include specific roles, goals, and expectations when writing your prompt. 

Prompt 2: Buyer Lead Generation

  • “Act as an expert real estate marketer and provide me with 20 creative ways to generate real estate buyer leads in the current market environment.”
  • You may receive more details on specific ones; if others need to be more detailed for you, go back and tell Chat GPT to clarify.

Prompt 3: Online Review Generation

  • “Act as an expert copywriter specializing in work with real estate agents. My goal is to increase the number of reviews on my Google Business profile page. Provide me with an email to past clients thanking them for their business and asking them to click on the link provided to leave a Google Business Review. The tone for the email should be conversational and gratitude-driven, based on them doing business with me in the past. Also, provide me with three email subject line options for this email.”
  • Jimmy discusses that reviews are not only for businesses. The more reviews you have, the more likely buyers will work with you because it gives them confidence that you’re the right agent for them. 
  • You can use this prompt to develop an email template to request Google Business reviews from past clients. 

Prompt 4: LinkedIn Article Creation

  • “Act as an expert real estate copywriter and provide me with a LinkedIn article with seven things a seller should do before listing their home for sale in your city in the spring. Number seven in the article should be to call and insert your name for free, no-obligation valuation analysis, and a list of things that can be done to the home prior to listing it to maximize the sales price. Number seven in this list should be a strong call to action.”
  • Acting as a real estate copywriter allows you to craft LinkedIn articles tailored to your target audiences, such as potential sellers in specific market conditions.
  • This prompt encourages the creation of engaging content with a strong call to action, enabling real estate professionals to attract potential clients.

Prompt 5: Social Media Content Creation

  • “Provide me with 20 Instagram post ideas to showcase me as the local real estate expert in [insert your city]. The goal of these posts is to increase engagement with the actual post and followers to my page.”
  • You can use ChatGPT to develop 20 social media ideas to position yourself as a local expert, ultimately boosting engagement and follower counts.

Prompt 6: Business Growth Strategies

  • “Act as an expert real estate business coach. My goal is to increase my real estate sales business by 20% in the coming twelve months. Ask me as many questions as you need to understand my current business so you can provide me with the strategies and a plan of action that will help me achieve my goal of growing my business by 20% in the next twelve months.”
  • “Feel free to ask me as many questions as you need to get an understanding of my business so that you can provide me with the best answer possible.”
  • Jimmy recommends using ChatGPT to develop strategies for growing a real estate business by 20%.
  • This prompt encourages agents to work with ChatGPT to understand their current business and develop customized growth strategies.

Prompt 7: Optimizing Social Media Bios

  • “Act as an Instagram expert specializing in helping real estate agents grow their Instagram following. Ask me any questions you need that will help you write a compelling bio for my Instagram page that will increase my follower count.”
  • Real estate professionals can increase their follower count across various platforms by requesting assistance in creating compelling social media bios and a strong online presence.

Prompt 8: Client Appreciation and Referrals

  • “Give me 20 creative ways to say thank you and to show my appreciation for that and their business.”
  • This ChatGPT prompt allows real estate agents to foster client satisfaction and generate valuable referrals for future business.

Prompt 9: Compelling MLS Home Descriptions

  • “Act as an expert real estate copywriter specializing in writing MLS home descriptions. Provide me with three MLS descriptions: one written in a conversational tone, one in a professional tone, and one in a luxury tone. Use the previous MLS description below for details of the home, but make sure the descriptions you provide are unique. Here is the previous MLS description, and then you enter it there.”
  • Real estate professionals can leverage ChatGPT to develop three unique MLS descriptions tailored to conversational, professional, and luxury tones to make listings stand out.

Prompt 10: Marketing Price-Reduced Properties

  • “Act as an expert marketer specializing in real estate marketing. Give me 20 creative ways to market a home with a recent price reduction.”
  • Lastly, ChatGPT can help real estate marketers develop innovative marketing strategies for properties with recent price reductions, ensuring increased visibility and potential sales.

Embracing ChatGPT’s capabilities in real estate, as demonstrated by Jimmy, provides a vast array of tools and strategies to elevate a business. Using the prompts in this session, real estate professionals can create efficiencies, generate leads, enhance client appreciation, and expand their online presence, propelling their success to new heights.

“The opportunities to create efficiencies in your business, and also to generate ideas on how you can better serve your clients are right at our fingertips like never before with Chat GPT.” – Jimmy Burgess.

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