We are welcoming the year with 11 proven ways to generate listings in 2021. Stay tuned and learn some listing hacks you can use! 

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  1. Three to twelve-month-old expired listings – These are listings that have been listed, had expired, and did not relist or have not been sold. Understand that when a listing expires, they get a number of calls from agents asking whether they want to relist again. After some time, however, the calls dwindle down. When that time comes, it’s the perfect timing for you to make the call, check with the property owners, and make sure that they haven’t relisted. 
  2. Search for posts on social media – Buyers are everywhere so you need to take advantage of that. Post on social media and share the type of property you are looking for. 
  3. Continue farming – Look for a neighborhood that you can be expert with. Be the best person who knows about all the properties in that certain area. 
  4. Keep knocking on doors – It’s an old school approach but is still just as effective then and now. 
  5. Circle prospecting – This is a foundational way to generate the majority of your listing outside your sphere of influence. It means calling the neighbors surrounding a property and notifying them of any activity going on, whether it’s an open house, relisting, or something else. 
  6. Open houses – Open house isn’t only effective when you’re selling a house. It allows you to see which of the neighbors are wondering what their property’s value is. Make sure to have someone by the door when doing an open house signing the people in. 
  7. Unsolicited comparative market analysis (CMA) videos – Record your screen and send out unsolicited valuation analysis for people you know. They can be past clients, prospects, people who came into your open house, neighbors, and others.  
  8. Find neighborhoods ripe for sales – Go to neighborhoods with the most sellers who will pop up in the market in the next six months – It’s a perfect opportunity to zone in on three to five-year-old track build areas. Follow up on the orphaned clients. 
  9. Low hanging fruit – Check with your past buyers and make sure that you don’t overlook the people you sold in the past who know and trust you. Call them and keep reaching out to them. 
  10. Probate listings – Try to be the person who wants to help people who lost their loved ones. Be the executor of the estate to liquidate the assets.
  11. Online seller leads – Look for bold leads and learn some of the low conversion types of activities online. It’s going to take time but it works. 

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