The pandemic has changed the landscape and processes in the real estate industry. In today’s episode, Jimmy and Grier Allen talk about what the new normal looks like in lead generation.

Grier Allen’s family has been part of the residential real estate scene for many years, and it gave him the opportunity to learn about marketing as he was growing up. As the next generation, his brother has opened a brokerage firm and Grier is now the CEO of BoomTown. It is a company that provides a platform to help solve problems that many real estate agents are facing. 

The new normal in lead generation

  • Today, BoomTown is getting 40% penetration into the top 250 teams by transaction volume. It has allowed them to partner with other industries and drive innovations. 
  • For them, it’s all about providing a platform to facilitate the sharing of knowledge among the top producing teams of agents and brokers across the country. 
  • Success assurance is a service that enables them to call, qualify, and engage leads. It also gives them the ability to see what’s happening in the process and validate assumptions they’ve had in terms of following up with internet leads
  • A lot of markets have seen drops in demand, about 50% or more, over the last few months due to the pandemic. It’s a scary place to be and there are numerous uncertainties going on. 
  • Living out a work-from-home lifestyle has changed peoples’ perception of what’s important to them as it relates to homes. Unlike other markets, the demand in this particular market has been exceptional. 
  • In a normal season, this time would have been pretty difficult due to the decrease in cost per lead but today, the demand is strong. 
  • In normal lead generation, technology adoption and leveraging existing technology helps. So does setting systems and processes that work for you, leadership, holding agents accountable, and giving them visibility.

“What the New Normal Looks Like in Lead Generation” episode resources

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