Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices CEO Chris Stuart shares what top-producing real estate agents know about strategy to help his agents provide value, develop relationships, and build loyalty.

Chris grew up in Dallas, went to Texas A&M University, and worked in Silicon Valley before becoming the President of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and CEO of HSF Affiliates LLC, which operates the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Real Living Real Estate networks. 

Focus on top producer strategies and traits

  • Chris brought his experience from Silicon Valley when he moved to real estate, integrating the two industries, which helped him find other opportunities, grow, and scale.
  • Focus on the people who are right in front of you. 
  • Strive to be great at the elements of your real estate career: contracts and disclosures, inventory, neighborhoods, communities, the trending analysis on valuation… Be great at those things instead of focusing so much on the next step in your journey. 
  • Serve others constantly. Be of value to the person you’re working with. Opportunities happen when you’re in service to others. 
  • Listen to the people you’re talking to and hear what they’re trying to achieve. Ask great questions and respond to their questions in a meaningful way. 

Rely on a plan and best practices

  • Because only about 7 percent of your potential marketplace turns their homes over every year, look to other industries who don’t deal in high-frequency environments and look for those best practices (like cars, insurance policies, financial planners, etc.)
  • When agents fail to focus on the post-transaction relationship, a loyalty gap emerges. As a result, only 12 to 20 percent of customers use the same realtor for consecutive transactions.  
  • About 90 percent of top agents operate from a plan. They operate with deliberate intentionality and they have a great command of their business. They focus on making contact, and they focus on their communities.
  • Be accountable to a team, a Mastermind group, a coach, a manager, or anyone else who can help you maintain a discipline toward the activities you need to do. 

Control your own outlook

  • Avoid letting the media control your outlook on the market, and tell the story of the real estate market to your potential customers.
  • Covid will likely represent the period of the largest movement of people since World War II. The work-from-home population will likely increase from 5 percent to 33 percent, which will likely result in people moving to different locations. It will likely be a welcome inflection point in real estate. 
  • Be willing to ask the question, “How do I get better?” Recognize that there’s a difference between resources and resourcefulness. Being resourceful means packaging your abilities to serve your customers. 

“What Top-Producing Real Estate Agents Know About Strategy” episode resources

Grow your own reach by focusing on what top-producing real estate agents know about strategy. Focus on customers and long-term relationships so clients will use your services repeatedly.

Reach out to Chris Stuart via his LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, and visit his blog, Stu’s Property Views for more content. He also runs the Good to Know Podcast. Find him on social media platforms @sfhchrisstuart.

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