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YouTube is a great platform for real estate agents. In this episode, Karin Carr talks about the YouTube strategies for realtors and how it can help them succeed and close more deals. 

Karin Carr is an agent in Savannah, Georgia, and became licensed in 2005. It was a time when house prices were crazy. She was into real estate owned (REO) listing from 2008 until 2012 and she made a ton of money but when they moved across the country in 2013, she was in for a rude business awakening. She realized that all the time she’s been a realtor, she didn’t know how to prospect. 

The lightbulb moment

  • Karin started learning how to get leads off of Facebook. She read and read about how to rank organically on Google. She made it her goal to learn how to do SEO. She then used all this learning and started creating her own blog posts. 
  • Karin was writing blog posts but it was very time consuming, she thought of ways on how to do it easier and realized doing a video instead will make the process much faster. She discovered YouTube out of sheer luck. 
  • She got her lightbulb moment when somebody approached her and told her that he watched all of her videos and felt like he already knew Karin. He then asked for Karin’s help in purchasing a new property

YouTube as a platform for realtors

  • YouTube isn’t only a video sharing/playing platform. It’s also a search engine owned by the biggest search engine in the world, Google. 
  • When people want to sell their houses and move somewhere else, their go-to website is Google. They go to Google to search and most often, Google shows upYouTube results as well. Your Facebook and Instagram videos don’t show up on Google search. 
  • If you spend time making videos, then make sure to put that effort where the eyeballs are. 
  • You can start making videos with your phone. The phone’s camera is more than enough for you to start creating your video content. 
  • You don’t need high-end equipment to begin your videos. 
  • It is hard to rank on search results so look for something that gets a fair amount of volume but with low competition. 
  • Make a video on the keyword that most people are looking for. Are they looking for a foreclosed property? Or are they going for a property that’s for a foreclosure? 
  • Think of things to say in your video that will make it more interesting. While this is difficult at first, it will be easier with time and practice. 
  • Mark Rober with millions of subscribers created an almost half-long video on building on an obstacle course for squirrels. Karin watched the whole thing because it was entertaining. She thought of incorporating that kind of storytelling in her videos to hold peoples’ attention. 
  • If your channel has but only five subscribers and each video gets about 17 views, 100-1000 searches a month, then that’s a good enough volume for you.
  • It’s good to look at your analytics all the time and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Look at the videos that get the most number of views. Replicate that kind of content. If the videos are of certain areas then focus on making videos about that particular area. 

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